Friday, 29 April 2011

Sexy Product online Catalogue

Dear Sexy Ladies,

Sexy have a range of spa product dedicated for you to enjoy your 'Me Time Moment' at home. Have a look at our catalogue and be suprised by our AFFORDABLE spa product!

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Saturday, 16 April 2011

Spa Party At Home..

We already know a day at the spa is costly, and going by yourself is not as much fun..So why not do it all at home?

You may think, How can I do this at home? You can create a home spa and have a blast while creating the theme for the party, Invite YOUR GIRLFRIENDS over—not too many, not too few. Start with creating a theme for your spa party.. be it Hollywood nite, vintage party, pyjama’s party or even princess party.. then create the Spa Menu..

Sample Menu
Relaxing Lavender head massage
Sweet Jasmine hand scrubs
Diva’s Body Mask
DESSERT AND TEA (haha- macarons and cupcakes would be nice..)

Play your favorite music, and have a blast Spa Day at home with your girls..and do what girls do when they get together..Talk and talk and talk and the laugh laugh and laugh..(what you can’t do at a spa). At the end of the day you will feel relax and happy without getting out of the house..

Sexy has loads of spa product packages for every theme at affordable and not to forget our customized goody bag for your girl’s party! For a single ladies theme, for example, we customized sexy, pink and fun spa product for you and you girls. So Divas get your party plans ready and check out our Sexy Spa Products!


DIY Spa At home.

Hi Sexy Divas!

After a long week at the office, a few rounds of dirty laundry after work, a sink full of dishes to be wash , dateline after datelines to be done..dont you just want to get out and relax? Waiting for an escape to your favorite spa on weekend but were always full? Fed up with all the traffic just to get to your spa? Arriving with no empty carpark space for you to get there? Sick with the annoying therapist?

Why dont you save yourself all the stress and trouble and become your own therapist.. It's your own body afterall.. With our complete package of Sexy Spa Product you can now enjoy spa at home. It's affordable, it's easy to use and will give you the same benefits that your spa gave you..and better yet now you can get to know your own body better.

No doubt going to the spa is something that is very relaxing, but why should you go through all the stress - just to be relax.. DIY Spa at home, at your own free time, while listening to your favorite song, for as long as you want your spa day to last..your call..

Sexy Spa Product offers you a complete package of Spa Products that is used in profession spa in Bali. Design to make you relax and benefit your beautiful skin.


Sexy Who?

SEXY a name that represent confident, serene and joy. Experience our unique, all natural and organic ingredients, Eco- Friendly spa products, affordable and easy to use products. Our range of products is created with great care base on Asia exortic spa treatment and packed for home, travel and professional spa use.
We offer variety range of product that cater to satisfy you. From a bottle of body butter to complete "ME TIME MOMENT spa packs" designed for you to enjoy your ME TIME MOMENT at home. We also offer hamper package as a gifts to loved ones, customized door-gifts to complete your beautiful events , spa products supply for your beautiful spa and retail purchases.

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Thursday, 14 April 2011