Saturday, 16 April 2011

Spa Party At Home..

We already know a day at the spa is costly, and going by yourself is not as much fun..So why not do it all at home?

You may think, How can I do this at home? You can create a home spa and have a blast while creating the theme for the party, Invite YOUR GIRLFRIENDS over—not too many, not too few. Start with creating a theme for your spa party.. be it Hollywood nite, vintage party, pyjama’s party or even princess party.. then create the Spa Menu..

Sample Menu
Relaxing Lavender head massage
Sweet Jasmine hand scrubs
Diva’s Body Mask
DESSERT AND TEA (haha- macarons and cupcakes would be nice..)

Play your favorite music, and have a blast Spa Day at home with your girls..and do what girls do when they get together..Talk and talk and talk and the laugh laugh and laugh..(what you can’t do at a spa). At the end of the day you will feel relax and happy without getting out of the house..

Sexy has loads of spa product packages for every theme at affordable and not to forget our customized goody bag for your girl’s party! For a single ladies theme, for example, we customized sexy, pink and fun spa product for you and you girls. So Divas get your party plans ready and check out our Sexy Spa Products!


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